Here are 3 social media etiquette practices that can help make your companies brand on social media.

Make sure someone manages your Company’s Social Media Account

A lot of customers try contacting you via your Facebook Business Page and expects a timely response to their queries if someone does not respond especially in a timely manner it reflects bad on your company.

Monitor the conversation about your Company’s Brand

Being aware of the conversations surrounding your company’s brand by using the appropriate tools to listen the use of you company’s name and keywords relating to its products and services. This will also provide insights into attitudes towards your company’s brand.

Show some personality

This does not mean using a personal profile to promote your company’s brand of Facebook. A Facebook Fan/Business Page is an ideal platform to build an identity for your company, by showing off you brand voice and communicating informally with your customers. You first have to decide the images, the tone of language and how to make the most of the popular social media trends such as Hashtags.