3 Social Media Platforms your Staff should be using to identify prospects!

There are 3 Social Media Platforms every business should embraced as part of its digital marketing strategy, although these days we find many businesses are scared to embrace the use of social media as a marketing tool, but the truth is their members of staff and sales and marketing team are already using it to communicate and promote their business.

So why not incorporate when they’re planing their marketing strategy. Like everything else life throws at us social media marketing does come with its challenges, one of the greatest challenge is that members of staff all using the social media platforms differently and there is no standard approach to using social media platform to achieve business objectives.

Additionally, this lack of a unified approach means that the sales and marketing people are operating in silos. There is no collaboration on best practices or, even in the simplest of ways, knowing what works. You should never allow your sales team to prospect, nurture and manage in the wilderness. There’s just far too much risk for this.

Here are 3 Social media Platforms for staff the get the ball rolling.

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