The Real Money Experience: Also known as (RMX) delivers practical financial literacy lessons that engage students through live interaction with volunteers in our 12 skills booths. This gives fifth form secondary schools and T.A. Marryshow Community College students the hands-on experience of making financial decisions that they will face after graduation, in a safe environment.

Designed around core education standards, this curriculum/game uses experiential learning techniques to help students improve their financial decision-making abilities. The interactive approach improves retention rates while making the process enjoyable for students and teachers alike by opening up the lines of communication with their peers about money and creates a memorable experience that will enrich their lives.

The first steps of the Real Money Experience financial literacy games has student’s visit (12) different stations and decide upon careers and make educational choices that affect their incomes. They choose clothing, housing, and transportation options to fit their budgets. Participants quickly become aware of the ongoing expenses associated with each decision as they learn about bills, budgeting, and how lifestyle choices affect their budgets.

Highly trained and interactive volunteers help participants set up a savings plan that matches their future lifestyle goals, create a budget, make credit and investment decisions. One volunteer per every six participants ensures students will have one-on-one time to get practical financial tips while they have fun playing the ‘game of life.’ And of course, we create a fun atmosphere complete with positive hit music and a media booth. Students will complete various booths in which they interact from members of the business, non-profit and public sectors to learn about the costs of living and the financial decisions they will make when they are adults.

The Real Money Experience Financial Literacy game covers 12 essential topics:

Career                                                  Housing

Auto                                                    Lifestyle

Skills                                                    Health

Accounts                                             Insurance

Credit                                                   Investing

Counselling                                          Service